Our restaurant is waiting for you
                     Go on a culinary journey in Germany!

Take a seat and you will be enchanted with the smells of the "Bergischen" culinary art. Regional and seasonal as well as specialties of the game kitchen will spoil your palate in our lovingly set up restaurant.

From spring until winter, from asparagus over to chanterelles with meat, fish and wild specialties. Our kitchen doesn't leave any wishes unfulfilled.

So Our kitchen offers all year round  wild specialties from local “Bergischen” hunting districts.your restaurant visit becomes a delightful experience for everyone.

At the later hour we offer you a beer tapped freshly or a noble liqueur at our bar to let the evening come to an comfortable end.

We don't accept any credit cards in the restaurant. Noncash payments are welcome to settle you with Eurocheque card and secret number.